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PREMIUM Access Switchboards

Access Switchboards


Access Switchboards that take your Access applications to the next level... free demos

All support Access 2000-2013 - except * 2007-2013

Super Dashboard Builder  SDI - The ultimate Access dashboard PLUS BONUS METRO WIN8 GUI!

Web 2.0 Switchboard SDI - No OCXs or DLLs!

Dashboard Switchboard  SDI - A fully integrated dashboard with advanced usability  PLUS BONUS METRO WIN8 GUI!

Nested Treeview Switchboard SDI - Build complex windows-explorer like tree menus PLUS BONUS METRO WIN8 GUI!

NOIR SideBar MS Access ADP Switchboards  SDI - Three Access Data Project Switchboards in the one package

NOIR SideBar MS Access Switchboards  SDI  - Get the Access 2007/2010 Black Theme in older versions of Access

Native SideBar Access Switchboard MDI - So easy to implement Now with FIVE themes PLUS BONUS METRO WIN8 GUI!

Ribbon Switchboard for Access 2007/2010/2013 * MDI - Space-saving navigation paradigm for PLUS BONUS METRO WIN8 GUI!

Access 2007/2010 Style Switchboard  MDI - Get the Access 2007/2010 look using only native controls


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